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Fruits of Peruvian Dialogue


Fruits of Peruvian Dialogue is a programme focused on building sustainable social dialogue in the export agribusiness in Peru and in the supply chain.


Social Dialogue has been proven to have a positive impact on both working conditions and business results and serves as a mechanism for joint responsibilities for a continuous improvement in the supply chain.


Buyers, growers and trade unions join forces in order to face challenges concerning working conditions, health and safety issues, productivity, land and water use and more. Social dialogue at all levels in the supply chain will be promoted and supported. Practical training and advice on building social dialogue with a win-win focus will be offered to trade unions and companies in Peru.


Members of the Ethical Trading Initiative, based in the UK, among them importers and supermarkets buying fresh fruit and vegetables from Peru, Peruvian growers and suppliers and Mondiaal FNV together with trade unions in the Peruvian export agribusiness.



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More information, including best practises, will be added to the site during the programme.

ETI study (on the ETI website).